Bare shaft tuning is the best way to see if, when uninfluenced by the vanes, your bow is properly tuned. Ideally, when a bow is properly tuned, you can take an arrow with vanes and shoot an X at 20 yards and then take an arrow with no vanes and do the same. It will show you if your setup is perfect or if you still have some work to do. I’m not saying you can’t shoot well with a bow that doesn’t shoot a bullet hole, because that’s false. I’ve won national championships with bows that weren’t tuned perfectly. That being said, as a right-hander, the only tear I’m OK with is slightly high left, which means the back end of the arrow is getting away from the riser so there will be no clearance issue. The opposite would apply to left-handers. Having a paper-tuned setup isn’t the magical answer to making you a great archer, but it will most certainly be a step in the right direction.