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The Indoor World Cup as we know it will be re-launched as the Indoor World Series and it will have new destinations. Full details will be released World Archery in July once contracts, dates etc have been finalised.

Bangkok and Marrakesh will no longer be a stage but will be replaced by Cancun, Cairo, Luxembourg, Machu, Rome and Seoul. Nimes and Las Vegas will continue as usual with Vegas still being the final. Athletes can gain points to qualify for the finals in Vegas. Athletes need to attend a minimum of 3 events or if they attend more, World Archery will take their best 3 scores.

This does mean that the team selection for the Indoor Championships will be relooked at once we have all the information and new cut off date for selection will be advised.

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2 MARCH 2018
Lausanne (SUI)

The expanded indoor circuit format will have three competition levels. Following the success of the Indoor Archery World Cup since its official launch in 2010, World Archery has launched an event bid process for an updated and expanded version of the circuit called the Indoor World Series, due to debut for the 2018/19 season.

Key differences with the new series include three levels of event – 1000, 500 and 250 – each with different requirements, the creation of both elite and participation ranking lists, and the inclusion of a team ranking.

Events will be encouraged to develop strong identities, like The Vegas Shoot and Nimes Indoor Tournament, and improve year-on-year.

“The indoor circuit is appealing because it is open entry, tournaments are of a manageable length and the competition is accessible to a wide range of archers,” said World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen.

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