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logo ianseoInstalling and Updating i@nseo Guide (Windows)

Ianseo Installation | i@nseo software is packaged in a website, therefore the installation is different than what most of us are used to. This is not an executable file that is installed automatically by your Windows computer or a MacOS. Upon completion of the numerous installation steps, the website will be running on your personal computer. In order to function properly, a website requires a few key components: a web server, an application server and a database server.

To install i@nseo on a Windows operating system, the user should:

1.  From the Ianseo.net website: http://ianseo.net/Releases.php click on “Windows Full Installer”, found in the middle of the page. Once the Download complete, navigate to your Download folder and double-click on the file named: Ianseo_20190805.exe. At time of writing, this is the most current version

ianseo whondows installer

2. Extract the file in the wished folder (e.g.: in case the user opted to decompress it in c:\, the system will automatically create a folder, named c:\ianseo).
Note: It is highly recommended to operate directly from c:\ and not from the computer desktop.


ianseo extracting

3. Once the extraction completed, using the File Explorer, open the folder: c:\ianseo, right-click on the file named: “xampp-control.exe” and choose Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut). This will allow faster access to the XAMPP control panel. It will now be present on the Desktop.


4. Double-click on the xampp control panel to launch it. If security warning appear, simply click on “Allow access”.

firewall security

5. In the Control Panel, for the Module named “Apache”, click on the “Config” button, then select the first item named “Apache (httpd.conf)”, this will open a file editor.

Scroll down to the line that shows: “ Listen 80”
Note.: The user can close XAMPP control by clicking on ‘X’. Once minimized, XAMPP will go on running in background, without any problems.

xampp dashboard

apache xampp

6. To this line, add the symbol “ # “ and
add a new line with the following text: “Listen 8080” and
close and SAVE the file.

apache config xampp

7. You are now ready to start the database and application servers.
Click on the “Start” button for Apache, then click on the “Start” button for MySQL.

xampp control

8. If the buttons now show the words “Stop” for both, this indicates that they are running. Also, you will notice the green background.


xampp on

xampp pic2

9. Both application should be stopped after your work in i@nseo is finished, not to leave a running web application on your personal computer.

10. To access i@nseo, open your preferred web browser and type in the following address:

11. Proceed to the update, by clicking on the words: “clicking here” .

ianseo update first time

12. Click on the “Ok” button to update the software.

click update ianseo

13. This step requires internet access and will take a few minutes, as it is downloading the update files. Once completed, the following message will be displayed.

ianseo update completed

14. The installation is now complete!

15. Leave all default values and click on “Create user and database”.


16. The following window should confirm the successful Ianseo installation. Click on “Go to IANSEO” to access the software and proceed to an update verification

ianseo installation completed

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