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Recurve: How to Beat Target Panic

Crispin Duenas reveals THREE easy steps that can help any archer beat target panic. Have any more advice? Let us know in the comments...

Shibuya Ultima vs. Shibuya Ultima II

Comparison between the old Shibuya Ultima recurve sight and the new Shibuya Ultima II.

Slow Motion Video of the Worlds Best Archers

Slow motion video of the worlds best archers for training and coaching purposes

Warm up to shoot a bow

Great Britain’s Naomi Folkard explains how she warms up before doing archery, to keep arms, shoulders and lower back mobilised, avoid injury – and...

All 72: Brady Ellison’s Ranking Round in Mexico City

ll 72 arrows of the USA’s Brady Ellison’s ranking round (661/720) at the 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships in Mexico City. Recurve archers shoot...

Fivics Gladius SRV 25″ Recurve Riser Review

Fivics Gladius SRV 25" Recurve Riser Review at LancasterArchery.com In this video we review the 25-inch Gladius SRV Recurve Riser from Fivics. ILF Olympic...

How to shoot a recurve bow | Archery 360

From start to finish and in basic terms Olympian Crispin Duenas, with the help of Naomi Folkard, explains how to shoot a recurve bow.

Archery | What Is The Best Stance

In this video Lancaster Archery Academy instructor Heather Pfeil demonstrates correct and incorrect stances for shooting a bow and arrow. Pfeil talks about the...

World Archery: How Difficult is Olympic Archery?

The Netherland’s Steve Wijler explains what he sees on the shooting line and the margins between hitting the middle and missing at 70 metres...