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Attempting to Perfect Their Shot (Don’t Bother)

Many archers are working to “perfect their shot”. I argue that this is a mistake. What they need to be working on is enhancing their skill. Let me explain. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that you perfected...

Howto: Tackle Recurve Errors Fast

It can be very hard for an archer to actually find what is causing their scores to drop. If you don’t have access to a good coach or interested and knowledgeable archers, it can be very difficult to actually...


Kim Hyung Tak was Korea’s first full-time archery coach. Korea won its first Olympic gold medal in archery in 1984 and the man in the box behind was Kim Hyung Tak. He opened his own archery school in 2004 and...

First Time at an Archery Tournament? What Should be the Expectation?

So you’re heading to your first indoor archery tournament? Maybe you’re feeling a little intimidated. Maybe you’re feeling nervous. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not ready. Maybe you’re feeling all of these things and more. Don’t worry. Everyone is anxious in...

5 Tips Shooting in the Rain

We are in Medellin, Colombia for the second leg of the year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit and the weather forecast – in one of the usually sunniest stages of the circuit – is wet, very wet. The temperature: an...

Winning Archery: 9 Things Parents Can Do to Help

We’ve all read advice for parents who want to help their athletes reach great heights. Steadfast support – regardless of the score – is always the best approach, because it emphasizes a “person first, athlete second” mentality. But how do you apply these...

6 Tips for Shooting Better in the Wind

One of the biggest challenges new archers face is shooting in windy conditions. My first Texas Shootout – one of USA Archery’s USAT Qualifer Series tournaments, and my second outdoor tournament – was one of the windiest competitions I’ve ever...


Archery | How To Test Eye Dominance

This is a video about determining eye dominance in archery, which helps an archer figure out whether to shoot a bow right-handed or left-handed.

Warm up to shoot a bow