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Portal kini sedang dalam proses menyediakan senarai pembekal atau penjual barangan memanah di malaysia untuk disiarkan didalam website Sehubungan itu anda adalah dijemput untuk mempromosikan perniagaan anda di Tiada bayaran dikenakan untuk penyenaraian (tiada had tempoh). Ini adalah...
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The Malaysian archer’s two top seeds on the international circuit have come in Utah. Khairul Anuar Mohamad of Malaysia scored 675 out of a possible 720 points for the 72-arrow 70-metre ranking round to lead the recurve men at the...
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Khairul Anuar Jumped 20 Places in the World Ranking

Khairul jumped 20 places in the world ranking after fourth place in Antalya. Two-time Olympian Khairul Anuar Mohamed heads Malaysia’s four-man recurve team at stage three of the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA –...

Archery Accuracy & Precision

Differences between "accuracy" and "precision", and how it affects our perception of archery.

Post Tournament Review Process

What do you do at the end of a tournament? If you are like I was, you would pack your gear, thank the tournament officials for their hard work, get in your car and drive home, thinking about anything...

Kejohanan Memanah Terbuka UUM 2018

Kejohanan Memanah Terbuka UUM 2018 Tarikh: 26hb Jun - 1 Julai 2018 Lokasi: UUM (Kampus Sintok) Kedah EVENT FORMAT Recurve 90m Men 6 ends (6 arrow/end) x 1 Target Face 122cm 70m Men/Women 6 ends (6 arrow/end) x 1 Target Face 122cm 60m Women 6 ends...

Archery Recurve: Critical 2/100ths of a Second

This has a lot of nerdy details and technical points about a recurve shot, and the 2/100ths of a second it takes to release the string and arrow and have it speed off the bow. These details will give...

Archery Howto: Execution

Archery GB how to coach Execution